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Service Desk

Line One has recognized for some time that our customers are looking for a more flexible and cost effective sourcing model for Service Desk and other outsourced contact handling capabilities than what is offered by traditional participants in this market.  After all, part of the rationale for outsourcing a function as important as application service desk is to increase the level of flexibility and redundancy beyond that which the customer’s own internal capabilities can provide, while providing that capability at a reduced cost.

Line One Service Desk is structured differently to meet these needs.  Rather than a single “primary location” or two or three locations serving as backups for one another, the Line One Service Desk model leverages the capabilities of a cloud-based contact centre solution to allow each agent to work from a closely-monitored home office.  The results of this model are dramatic in terms of flexibility, redundancy, and cost effectiveness.

Line One and its partner organization Line One Contact Centres Inc. (LineOne) has been providing outsourced Service Desk solutions since 1998, at the founding of our company. This service offering is at the absolute core of our business, and we have been offering it with a high degree of success and customer satisfaction for nearly 20 years.

Based on ITIL principles, the Line One Service Desk aims to develop customized solutions for our clients to improve efficiency, reduce cost, and increase end user satisfaction through a professionally designed, implemented, and operated Service Desk.

The Line One Service Desk team currently provides services to dozens of organizations throughout North America, both large and small. Our clients range between small, custom software developers, to large multi-billion dollar corporations. Line One provides dedicated Tier 1 and 2 network, software, desktop, and application support to all our clients, their end users, and their customers.

We handle hundreds of thousands of calls, emails, and web chats annually, supported by our team of skilled Service Desk Analysts.

All Service Desks implemented by Line One are customized to the needs of the customer. This unique approach allows Line One customers to receive a Service Desk that best fits their requirements, as opposed to attempting to fit their organization into a “pre-built” set of Service Desk processes.

As each solution has customized policies, procedures, and operating guidelines through input from our customers, the initial Service Desk design & deployment is crucial. Determinations of which Service Management system to use (e.g. Line One’s internal system, or one the client already has in place), what processes to carry over from the client and which to redesign, are all part of the initial service deployment.

After deployment, regular formal and informal internal Line One reviews assess the current performance of the Service Desk against established procedures for the solution provided to the customer to ensure compliance. Service Levels are aggressively reviewed and areas for improvement are identified.

On an ongoing basis, all processes and procedures are analyzed to ensure maximum efficiency is being achieved and that they are correctly aligned with the expectations of the customer. Customer satisfaction measurements are also included in these assessments.

The result of these reviews is a clear understanding of gaps within service delivery to the customer and areas of opportunity for improvement. These gaps and opportunities are presented to our customer and their input is utilized to begin implementation of process and operational changes aimed at closing the gaps and realizing improved quality of service.

These reviews are focused on specific customer solutions as each solution is treated as its own Service Desk by Line One. This approach ensures that the reviews are appropriately aligned with the services being provided to each customer.