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About Us

We’ve been providing Answering Service, Contact Centre, Service Desk and Help Desk solutions since 1998 with a singular focus: you.

When we say “It’s for you“, what we mean is that our solutions exist for our clients. We know that what you need isn’t the same as everyone else. So why would we want you to try and fit someone else’s mold?

It just wouldn’t make sense, which is why the solutions that we design are customized specifically for you.

Read further to learn more about Line One, and why you can be confident when we say It’s For You.

Our story started in 1998.

We started doing business in 1998 as Support Excellence Inc., working with small businesses that recognized they needed a Helpdesk presence, but weren’t sure where to start.

Our founders provided world class consulting services to these small businesses, a segment that had previously been neglected by larger consulting organizations.

Very quickly, our founders recognized that many of our clients didn’t just need advice, they needed an operational team to implement, and provide, the Helpdesk solution.

And so, very quickly, the Helpdesk team was born.

Over the years we became a trusted name in not only Helpdesk consulting, but also outsourced Helpdesk solutions. We worked with businesses throughout North America, and during this time, we recognized that our expertise could be expanded to provide Contact Centre solutions as well.

Since 1998, we’ve continued to grow and expand. Now, our large team of over 100 provides Contact Centre solutions of all kinds. We handle well over 1,000,000 calls every year for our customers, treating each and every one like it is the most important call we will take.

In 2015, we decided to update our identity and became Line One, to recognize the broad range of services we provide to our clients.

It’s .ca for a reason.

We can probably count on one hand the number of people who like calling an overseas, outsourced Contact Centre.

The reasons for going overseas are obvious – cost savings. But we all know there are a lot of drawbacks to sending that work overseas. And we also know that you aren’t the type who wants your customers getting the cheapest experience.

At Line One, we’re proud to say that our entire team is located in Canada. Every individual in our entire team is right here at home. With Line One, you will be confident that you will avoid all of the well known challenges that can come with having your work sent outside the borders we call home.

We’re proudly Canadian, and proudly North American. Our customers are too. And that’s never going to change.

Bricks aren’t very flexible.

One of the reasons you don’t want to take your inbound customer contacts in-house is because you want to save on the cost of space. So, we don’t really think it makes sense that you should pay for our space.

And you don’t – because ever since we started, we’ve had the vision of remote workers. In 2005 we went fully virtual. Our entire Contact Centre operation is run via the cloud (although, back when we started doing it, it wasn’t called “the cloud”).

A 100% distributed Contact Centre might seem like a stretch, but we’ve been doing it for a decade now and haven’t looked back.

Being 100% distributed means that we’re not a “Bricks & Mortar” operation. This means there’s no facility cost to pass along, and we’re incredibly nimble, flexible, and redundant.

You also don’t need to worry about the infrastructure, either. Just because our infrastructure is cloud based doesn’t mean it isn’t reliable. Our entire infrastructure lives in a Tier 3 Data Centre in Toronto, Ontario, and is redundantly mirrored in a Tier 3 Data Centre in Calgary, Alberta. Even if something were to happen in the Toronto data centre, we flip a switch and it’s like nothing happened.

A Distributed Contact Centre is incredibly flexible. Our team members can work shorter shifts, since there’s no time needed to travel to work. Our access to a greater pool of individuals is unmatched: persons with limited mobility, people who need to stay closer to home, individuals who want shorter or flexed work days. These are all perfectly suitable candidates for Line One, but probably not for other Contact Centers out there.

While we’re talking about flexibility, let’s talk about the flexibility this model offers you from a staffing, scheduling, and reactionary perspective. You’re probably familiar with the fact that sometimes, your call volume can surge. This could be the result of a system outage, new promotion, or any other factor. A distributed model can bring standby staff on within a matter of minutes. Those inflexible Brick & Mortar buildings? Not so much. People need time to get there, even if they’re on standby.

Distributed, home based agents are happier agents. They’re more productive, more reliable, and more dedicated. That’s 100% of our team, available for you, with our industry leading Quality Assurance processes and team leading the way.

All the benefits of a large contact centre, without the pesky cost of those inflexible bricks.

We prefer you to cosource, not outsource.

While it probably sounds like a bit too much of a “catch phrase”, we prefer the term co-source, instead of outsource.

Outsourcing is what some people do with their accounting. They send off a file, wait a bit, then get the results back. You aren’t quite sure what’s being done, you don’t have visibility into the process, you just get a result.

That’s outsourcing, and we’re not the biggest fans of that approach. If we’re not a closely integrated part of your business, it’s harder for us to work with you to make your customer’s experience when contacting you an exceptional one.

Cosourcing means we work with you. We provide you with detailed reports, and recommendations for service improvement and enhancement. We meet with you regularly to ensure we are still meeting your needs, and if they’ve changed over time, that we still understand them.

Cosourcing means that it’s for you.