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It’s For You

Line One. It’s for you®.

The promise is simple and straightforward. Your customers are important, and the experience that they have when interacting with you is critical.

At Line One, our expertise is for you.

We have been providing Contact Centre, Helpdesk, Answering Service, and Advisory Services consulting solutions to our clients since 1998.

We were founded in 1998 as Support Excellence Inc., providing ITIL Service Desk consulting services to the small to medium sized business market. Since then, we’ve grown in size and scope to provide a full range of Contact Centre solutions to organizations of all size. We now work with all kinds of clients: small businesses who need an emergency after hours contact number, through to Fortune 500 enterprises who demand high touch, high volume, multi-channel Contact Centre solutions.

Thank you for considering Line One for your Contact Centre needs. We are dedicated to developing a solution that you can be confident is for you.

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  • Service Desk
  • Advisory Services

From a basic answering service to a multi-channel, multi-function Contact Centre, the premise is the same: your customers are reaching out to you, and their experience matters.

A quick, efficient and painless experience, provided by a knowledgable, professional agent, is key to the experience.

At Line One, our 100% Canadian-based team works with you to understand your business, develop a solution that delivers what you have asked for (not what we need you to need) helps you reduce costs and enhances your customer’s experience.

A Helpdesk should be just that: a help desk. Not a “let me find someone else” desk.

We were founded in the support industry, working with organizations to assist them in developing best practice based Service Desks and Helpdesks.

Our team’s familiarity with the ITIL framework allows us to work with you to develop a solution that will provide your users, or customers, with technical support that ensures their Incidents are handled the right way.

We know that your Service Desk won’t solve everything. That’s why we work with you to develop a scope of support for what we resolve on first contact, and then a process to ensure the Incidents we don’t resolve get to you for resolution.

Our Service Desk solutions will ensure your customers get what they want: help. On the first call. Every time.

We know you already have a Contact Centre, or Helpdesk. We also know that the idea of outsourcing your Customer Experience to another group isn’t something that you are interested in.

But we also know that sometimes, your Contact Centre can be a challenge. And we also know that sometimes, you just don’t have the answer.

The challenges can vary. Maybe you need to replace some of the technology in your Contact Centre. Perhaps you want your Helpdesk’s First Call Resolution rate to increase. It might be challenges with appropriately identifying how best to scale and schedule your staff. Or it might be something significantly larger-scale, such as developing a framework for how the Contact Centre can enhance the Customer Experience you deliver and make it truly world class.

That’s where our Advisory Services team comes in. Our Advisory Services team works with you to identify your requirements, deliver a strict and clear set of deliverables, and then works closely with you to not only ensure you get what you need, but that you get materials, roadmaps, and documentation that you can actually use.